Agreement Drafting and Legal Advisory (Corporate Commercial)

Agreement Drafting, Review and Legal Advisory (Laws and Regulations of Malaysia)

Our lawyers are able to undertake agreement drafting, review of agreement and advising on various legal matters relating to the corporate and commercial law matters. These includes drafting of agreements listed below, advising and structuring of the deal to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in Malaysia.

  • sale and purchase of companies, undertakings, businesses and assets in Malaysia (SPA) (SNP);
  • shareholders agreement and advising on related matters such drag along and tag along clauses, put and call option, reconciliation procedures, deadlock mechanism, super majority votes etc;
  • subscription agreement for ordinary shares; preference shares including redeemable convertible preference shares or otherwise. We are able to act for the subscriber (such as, angel investors, venture capital investor or private equity funders) or the issuer (such as start-ups, private company, public company or listed company)
  • share sale agreement;
  • deed including trust deed, deed poll and deed of mutual convenant;
  • tenancy and lease agreement;
  • loan, funding as well as investment agreement;
  • guarantee and undertaking agreement;
  • joint venture arrangements (incorporated or unincorporated);
  • stamp duty applications under section 15 and 15A of the Stamp Act 1949 of Malaysia (stamp duty exemptions);
  • the issue/offer documents and the application and submission to the Malaysian authorities;
  • incorporation of business vehicle including private company, partnership, limited liability partnership, business trust and setting up representative office for foreign company in Malaysia;
  • equity crowd-funding (ECF);
  • competition laws pursuant to Competition Act 2010 of Malaysia (anti-competitive agreements);
  • personal data protection laws;
  • licensing and franchising agreements;
  • foreign exchange administration rules and regulations in particular notices issued by Bank Negara Malaysia whereby we make application to Bank Negara Malaysia on behalf of our clients in respect of approval sought pursuant to foreign exchange administration rules; and
  • advising on the legal compliance, and regulatory matters.

Negotiating the Deal and Contract

Our lawyers are able to represent clients in negotiation meetings with counter-party of a contract. We believe that each negotiation meetings is an opportunity for both parties to affirm their understanding and strengthen their synergistic collaboration rather than trying to win each and every contractual terms. As such, we endeavour to understand the crucial elements which really matters to our clients in any business relationship and seek to defend and protect such interest in negotiating the deal. Such approach enable our lawyers to negotiate productively on behalf of our client and brings about mutually beneficial negotiation results.