Private Equity and Venture Capital

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We have represented start-ups and potential growth companies seeking funding from private equity fund and venture capital.

Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments

We have also represented private equity fund (PE Fund) and venture capital for their investment in start-ups and potential growth company by undertaking legal due diligence exercise on target company, drafting as well as negotiating the terms of the subscription agreement/ share sale agreement and provide advisory services in respect of investment structure and exit strategy. We are frequently engaged to perform preliminary due diligence on potential target company. Once the client decides to proceed with the acquisition of the target company, we will assist in preparation of the letter of offer for the said acquisition. We will then kick-off the due diligence process to highlight any red flags or issues such as compliance with the relevant laws and regulations as well as potential non compliance that might affect the value of the company. Towards the end of the process, we will be involved in the preparation and negotiation of the transnational documents to complete the deal for the private equity fund.

Private Equity Formation

Further, we also assist in setting up of the private equity fund by assisting in preparation of private placement memorandum including advising on compliance with laws and regulations in Malaysia, drafting of the relevant agreements such as Limited Partnership Agreement, Subscription Agreement, Investment Management Agreement and provide general advisory in respect of fund-structuring and fund raising matters.